Our Story

The perfect place to live is much more than just a beautiful home.

There is a reason, actually a lot of reasons, why Cypress Landing is North Carolina’s Premier Coastal Community!


LocationLocation.  Cypress Landing is located in coastal eastern North Carolina on the high southern shore of Chocowinity Bay and the Pamlico River.  The location feels private but is just a few minutes from services and shopping in Chocowinity, Washington and Greenville.  US and NC freeway on-ramps are two miles away, making getting “there” easy and convenient whether it’s a hop to the beach, getting to the airport, or visiting friends up or down the coast.

Chocowinity.  If you are “not from around here”, it’s unlikely you have heard of “Chocowinity”, the Indian name of our bay and nearby town.  By some accounts it means “fish of many waters”.  And it’s sounds just like it’s spelled–Chock-o-win’-ity.  In any event, it is a beautiful woods, water and friendly place to settle.


EssentialsLike grocery stores, banks, home improvement and big box discount stores, home and auto services, restaurants and convenience stores, emergency medical and fire services.  They are all right here, 5 or 10 minutes away in Chocowinity or historic “Little” Washington, NC.



MedicalLife brings medical care issues to everyone.  EMS/Paramedic and Emergency Room services are close at hand. Chocowinity Fire and Paramedic teams are located just two miles away.  Local Beaufort Hospital’s emergency room is right in Washington, a quick 12 minute ride.  Major medical concerns?  You need easy access to top flight medical practices and facilities.  Vidant’s medical center in Greenville is it.  Vidant Medical Center, one of only four academic medical centers in North Carolina, is the flagship hospital for Vidant Health and serves as the teaching hospital for the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University. Vidant is a regional resource for all levels of health services and information.  The clinical staff includes more than 500 physicians and 1200 nurses.   Associated medical practices cover the spectrum of specialties.  With Greenville about 30 minutes away from Cypress Landing, outstanding medical services are close to home.



ShoppingBeyond “the essentials”, you will find historic “Little Washington” has vibrant waterfront and Main Street shops and restaurants.  Need more? You will find stores, shops, malls and services to satisfy your broader shopping interests in Greenville.   Private boutiques.  Name brands and chains.  Wide range of eateries, restaurants and fast foods to say nothing of local BBQ cuisine.  No Macy’s or Nordstrum’s yet (Raleigh—2 hours away for a shopping day!) but more national chains call Greenville home every month.  When you visit Cypress Landing, be sure to plan some time to explore Greenville.


educationGood schools surround Cypress Landing.  A number of families have located here simply to take advantage of Chocowinity’s top ranked schools.  The elementary school has a rare “exemplary” NC rating!  East Carolina University, 30 minutes away in Greenville, brings university academics, cultural events and Division-1 college sports to your doorstep.  The Beaufort County Community College offers a range of certificate, accelerated high school, continuing and adult education courses.  Whether your  educational needs are for good elementary, community and university programs, or continuing adult ed, you will find them right at hand.


financialYour money is important.  

  • Cypress Landing offers great value.  Our amenities and all community assets are 100% owned and managed by property owners.  We are non-profit so none of your fees are going into some developer’s profit mark-up.  There are no additional fees for pools, fitness center, tennis center, club house, members bar, etc.  One low annual HOA fee includes all that!   Our HOA financial reserves at three-quarters of a million dollars are rated “strong” by Community Associations Institutes, an organization that works with home owner associations across the U.S.  And there has never been a “Special Assessment” necessary in our history!  You simply won’t find a better managed community than Cypress Landing.
  • Property Taxes are low.  Cypress Landing is not in city tax boundaries, so only Beaufort County tax rates apply.  This year our combined rate for all services was $.59 per $100 of assessed value.  (A $300,000 home would pay ~$1770/year in property tax.)
  • North Carolina Income Tax.  The state has adopted a flat income tax rate of 5.75% this year, headed towards 5.0% in the future.  Your government or military pension may be tax free (see Bailey Decision http://www.dornc.com/taxes/individual/benefits.html)
  •  Cypress Landing is a good deal.

transportationIt’s easy to get from here to almost anywhere!


  • Greenville: Pitt-Greenville Airport PGV.  35 minute drive.
  • New Bern:  Coastal Carolina Regional Airport EWN (45 minute drive)
  • Raleigh:  Raleigh-Durham International Airport RDU (2 hour drive)
  • Washington: Warren Field KOCW.  Open to private and corporate aircraft.


  • I-95: Main north-south interstate on east coast.  1 hour away.
  • US 17: Major north-south divided & freeway coastal road.  On ramp 2 miles away.
  • US-264: Major east-west route.  Divided & freeway.  On ramp 5 miles away.  Direct route to Raleigh.

Rail Service

  • Amtrack station in Rocky Mount (I-95 & US-64).  1 hour away.



safetyYou want to be confident that your home and neighborhood are safe.  In our 20 years of history, Cypress Landing is virtually crime free.  The community by design has no through traffic.  You have active neighbors who are around in daytime hours and note vehicles that might be “out of place”.  Our county sheriff is quick to check out those occasional calls.  It’s the best “neighborhood watch” you can have.  You will feel safe walking the neighborhood day and night…we do!



Climate.  We enjoy a four season coastal Carolina climate.  Summers are warm.  Spring and fall temperate and delightful.  Mild winters that don’t require owning a snow shovel.

Storms.  Living on a coast, you should know occasional hurricanes are going to happen.  While many people think high winds do most of the damage, the fact is it’s flooding.  Cypress Landing is located on geological high ground, a rare thing in a waterfront coastal community.  Not in a flood zone.  When big storms bring extended heavy rains and on-shore winds, the run-off and storm surges combine to flood low lying areas—but not Cypress Landing!  No homes have flooded in our history (which includes a few notable storms).  Surprisingly, flood zones extend far inland.  Locating your home in a flood zone is expecting that, someday, water will literally come through your front door.  At Cypress Landing, no flood insurance is required on your home.   It’s good to be “high and dry”!